Japan, be strong!

Ok. I'm going to write this entry in English because I want all the Japanese KISSES to read this.

みなさん、I know that this moment is so difficult for everyone, so you have to be strong Japan! KISSES from Spain are supporting you all. People around the world is supporting you by Twitter and other networks. You have our support too! 私はあなた達のMIKATAですよ!

When I knew about the earthquake I was so worried about you all, because I didn't know if my KISSES friends there and Kishidan were OK or not... But know I know you are fine and I'm glad for that.

But I still sad for the missing people and all the victims... So, please; keep fighting!



Y pidieron disculpas.

Bueno, pues todo ha quedado en un "susto". Sony ha pedido perdón públicamente y los miembros del grupo se han comprometido a no volver a usar esos trajes en sus actuaciones.

Ellos también han pedido perdón pero recuerdan que no ha significado en ningún momento que ellos hayan adoptado tal ideología. Tal y como dije en la entrada de esta mañana.

Espero que con esto el líder del grupo de defensores de los derechos de los judíos esté más contento, porque se ha salido con la suya. Y que todo esto no influya para nada en la reputación de tan maravilloso grupo de música.

Happy B-Day Ranma!

Bueno, sigue siendo 1 de marzo y es triste que la noticia del día no haya sido el cumpleaños de Ranma, sino "lo otro". Pero espero que, aún así, Ranma tenga un bonito día de cumpleaños, sin preocupaciones, porque es sólo un bache que Kishidan está muy muy preparado para superar y estoy segura de que lo superarán con éxito, como siempre :)

Happy Birthday Ranma!!


Ok, I have to write this entry in English because I have received that: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Asia/Story/STIStory_640089.html

Do you know what is it? It's an article saying that a U.S Jewish rights group have ask Kishidan to apologize for his "Nazi attire" when they where interviewed by Japanese MTV.

First one: That's NOT a Nazi attire. They wear like Bosozoku do (Japanese motorbike gangsters). The symbol Show-yan (Kishidan¡s leader) has in his arm is NOT a swastika, it's the kanji "Shi" from "KiSHIdan". Red band arm doesn't mean they are a nazi group, many people in Japan use red bands to indicate "leadership" of something (cheerleaders team, director of something, etc).

And obviously; they are NOT nazi. A band who talks in his songs about friendship, love, school, and many other CAN'T be that kind of people. They are the first ones who disguise their self with woman clothes and, for exaple, Show-yan and Hikaru kiss each other at some song in their shows. Would any nazi person do that? I think no.

Probably, they have some logos that remind some of that nazi stuff (and I'm not meaning in this MTV interview) but they have not adopted this ideology. They respect all kind people like people respect them. They love their fans and we, KISSES, love them.

I don't represent Kishidan, even Kishidan in Spain. I represent all KISSES, because I'm sure they think like me. Kishidan don't deserve that bad publicity, because they are, for me and for all world KISSES, the best band I've ever listened to, and they are the greatest people I've ever meet.

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